Sound Illumination Healing

Let’s shift your reality - from the inside-out. 

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Transforming through the power of Sound, Vocal and Shamanic Alchemy.

Clearing Ancestral karma, inspiring deep remembrance, transmitting deep codes of the ancients. Awakening the voice and gathering the songkeepers. 




Feminine Empowerment

Do you ever feel completely stressed out, frazzled and completely out of tune with your inner seat of energy, power and magnetism?  

That's because we've forgotten our birthright and natural tools for being the Goddesses we truly ARE. 

Join me as we embody deep feminine pleasure within and find your career, relationship and self-image explode over the course of just a few months.

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Spiritual and Embodied Mastery 

Do you feel disconnected from life, spirituality and sense a deep dissatisfaction, loneliness and even depression? 

Our connection to One-ness is our most powerful energy source, and our fuel for living Life with Purpose and Understanding. 

Join me as we embark on the powerful journey to reclaiming your spiritual connection and never feel disconnected AGAIN. 

Vocal Awakening 

Do you often feel completely stuck and unable to express your authentic self?  

Do you wish to unleash your soul song and connect deeper into self, spirit and energy through a vocal practice?  

Then this Program is for YOU. 

6 Weeks. 6 Calls. Revolutionise your interaction with the world. 


Are you currently overcome with a major life transition? Whether it be a divorce, a break-up, a new job, a new baby, a new move, a new business you are birthing?  

OVERCOME is specially designed to help people going through major transition to find balance and deep inner strength. 

Become stronger and wiser than before. earn 

Shamanic Sound Healing

Soothe your Nervous System, Activate your Light Body and cellular memory, Clear Emotional Debris through the powerful medium of frequency and sound the particular song-lines that Yin Ling's hold through her voice. This is a full Activation of the inter-dimensional body and a clearing for this physical vehicle and reality

Karmic Clearing 

Do you feel consistently tied down to mental beliefs and inner conditioning that you feel doesn't come from you?

Do you feel like these come from ancestral ties that go beyond your current life?

Access and clear these lines through a tailored session with Yin Ling. 

Akashic Records Reading 

Do you feel unclear about a particular issue holding you back in life? Would you like to clarify your life purpose and other pertinent issues regarding relationships, health, career or spirituality? 

Yin Ling is a powerful guide and intuitive who will expertly guide and counsel you through higher guidance. 

Intuitive Bodywork 

Inspired by the ancient art of authentic Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi and Yin Ling's intuitive touch, Intuitive Bodywork is both therapeutic and creates quick and visible adjustments in the balance of the physical structure, while accessing and clearing emotional and karmic debris. 


"Yin Ling truly has a voice of an angel. Her sound meditation reached me on so many different levels and took me to a place of sheer gratitude and deep connection with myself it was incredi- bly healing. There is something really majestic and familiar about her sound that allows you to soar."  

Stephanie Dickson, Founder, Green is the New Black Conscious Festival Asia

"Sound healing with Yin Ling was so powerful that the tensions I felt in my mind and heart were completely gone after the session. Nothing short of magical!"  

Helena Wasserman, Forbes 30 Under 30, Founder of Stage 6, Former CMO Big Data for Humans 

"My experience with Yin was LIFE CHANGING. I had been working on a blockage in my throat chakra for quite some time. Yin was able to help me ignite my fire within, find my inner strength and confidently sing my soul song. Her ability to lead the group based on her intuition was impeccable. Yin’s one on one healing was also a very powerful experience, her gentle, yet powerful skills enabled me to make the final shifts I needed to proceed confidently using my voice. Thank you so much 🙏💫 I am truly grateful."  

Leanne Akira Soccio, Melbourne

"Working with Yin Ling is amazing. The energy, the gentleness, purity and determination that she brings to your space is so powerful and kind. With her voice, this very special divine singing - she transforms all pain and trauma into love and changes in your life comes. As a healer, coach and as a person, I love her so much. We worked on relationships, on money issues, on losing a close person that passed away, and through breathing exercises, series of affirmations, singing and energy channelling Yin Ling helped me to step forward." - Katya EV, Russia/France, Fine Artist 




First, we assess.

I’ll start with an honest chat to understand you, your needs and what outcomes you truly desire. Clarity is gold!  

Then, we correct.  

We will target Mind, Body and Spirit to create complete transformation and alignment.  

Lastly, we empower. 

We will create sustainable practices for you to continue your progress, and create lasting transformation for you. 


I’m Yin Ling.

My spiritual embodied journey began at age 20, when my first relationship triggered all the patterns of lack of self-worth and so much more within. Since then my path to share ways to ease suffering and lead fulfilling lives has never ceased. My mystical path unfolded as synchronistic events led me to study with spectacular mentors and teachers in beautiful locations from Bali to Hawaii - from Sound Alchemy to Shamanism to Tantra and much more. I have a deep understanding of energy, mysticism, fundamental spiritual concepts and practical personal and group transformation. Coupled with my background in studying Theatre, I am a natural speaker and leader.  

My work has been featured in The New York Times Style Magazine (Singapore), and seen at various festivals around the world such as Bali Spirit Festival, Green is the New Black Festival, IMI Festival (Sunshine Nation), SPARK Festival and BOOM Fest (Portugal).  

I have worked with large corporate clients in Singapore such as Zouk and Lorna Jane. In 2016 I founded a thriving conscious community and studio Urban Spirit. Some of my private clients include Facebook Executives, CMOs, Tech Entrepreneurs and many more.  

I now travel and teach on a regular basis across the globe and look forward to sharing my unique gifts with you.

I'm excited to connect with your well-being!